Star musicians awarded Berklee Music Scholarships

Bach to Bacharach and Bangkok to Berklee...

In a continuum of ever-flowing creativity and musical excellence, Harrow Bangkok celebrate two Music Scholarship awards to Berklee College of Music, Boston this year. Like Harrow Bangkok, this is an educational institution at the top of the league table.

This is an outstanding achievement for both of these young men. They have worked very hard to gain places with scholarships at this prestigious Music Conservatoire.

Nadol and Tim (pictured left and below) are surrounded by Khun Volt and Khun Ply (pictured below) who themselves went to Berklee! Khun Ply is also a Harrow Bangkok Music Scholarship alumni and both now form part of the 38 visiting music specialist team that deliver an outstanding musical variety to Harrow Bangkok students. Below are their reflections:

Harrow Bangkok students awarded scholarships at prestige Berklee School of Music



I am extremely excited to be living independently and studying the thing I truly love. It has been a great honour to be awarded with a full scholarship - I am hoping to obtain all the essential knowledge to be a well-versed musician. I am very grateful for Harrow Bangkok for always being supportive."


I am looking forward to gaining a lot of new experiences!"

Khun Volt

Be kind and generous to everyone. Keep smiling and eager to learn new things not only in music but also culturally. Get ready for this new chapter and don't give up on anything!"

Khun Ply

Take advantage of all the resources available: fellow musicians and faculty staff. The opportunity is right in front of you - grab it!"

Harrow Bangkok Musicians

Harrow Bangkok Musicians and Music Scholars
(from left to right: Khun Volt, Nadol, Tim, Director of Music Chris Johnson, Khun Ply)