Online learning in the Pre Prep - one step at a time!

A blog from our Head of Pre Prep on the challenges and triumphs of online learning. 

Having been in education for a while you begin to think that you have seen everything – how wrong you can be!  Online learning has taken over and I have to admit I was nervous about it: as a parent, as a teacher and as a leader in Lower School.  It is fair to say that I did not really know what it would look like, I did not really know how engaged students would be…. What I have to say is that I have been taken aback by the work that has been produced.

On one hand, I have the professionalism, originality and flexibility being shown by members of staff – the way in which teachers are working to ensure a high level of effectiveness and engagement is great to see. Have there been problems? Yes. Has everything been perfect? No! BUT this is the first time we have ever done this and, as something that is in its infancy, I believe that we are doing pretty well.

Teachers are doing what they do best – stimulating curiosity, developing skills and embedding knowledge. What though would this world be without the students? Over these few days I have been lucky enough to witness exceptional pieces of work. I have the privilege of being inundated with Head Teacher Awards and to see the range of work is wonderful.

I have seen the most incredible writing from year 5:

Tenderly pressing down onto the rusty piano pedals, the pianist listened to the piece of his heart that he could never forget. It was the only thing he had to remember them. Creaking floorboards, faint birdsong and car engines were drowned out in the peaceful and sweet melody’s memories. As the pianist recalled this, a sharp pain stabbed his heart.

The life he had led wasn't a straight line leading to happiness; just a curvy one leading to loneliness.

Even though his thoughts were focused on the keys, a whistle no louder than a bee buzzing in his heart sounded louder than an airplane in his mind, and he was pushed into the past. The pianist was tugged into the French trenches of World War 2.

Interactive Art lessons from Year 1:

Year 1 interactive art lesson



Year 4 art lesson


Art drawing in Year 4


Writing from Year 3:

Writing in the Pre Prep

And more writing from year 2:

Scene 1-at the boy’s bedroom at night.

 Mum: you aren’t still playing with that train are you?
(Angrily, pointing at the train.) 

Mum: I found your toy dog under the couch. (Giving the toy dog to the boy.)  

Boy: Thanks mum!

Scene 2- On a train with lots of fog. 

Boy: Looks like it's going to be foggy ahead if there is we can play ghosts. (Boy looking outside the windows and seeing only fog.) 

Elephant: (Slyly, climbing on board.) 

Boy+Dog: Oi! Get off our train! 

Elephant: Please let me be on your train people want my tusks for ivory and soon there will be none of us left. (Elephant praying the boy and dog to come on board.) 

Boy & dog: Alright you can come on board. (Boy opening the gate for the elephant to come on board.) 

Elephant: Thank you! (Elephant happily smiling at the Boy and the dog.) 

This is just a glimpse into what I have seen so far and in the coming days. I will share more examples of incredible work (you will be blown over by the science videos from Year 3) and thoughts on this challenging time for us all.

The number of things in life that I could be worried about now can sometimes feel quite overwhelming. However, from what I have seen - the parent interactions, the student effort and teacher dedication – we have nothing to fear. We are in this together, we are doing this one step at a time, we are Harrow Bangkok.

Will write soon,

Mr G

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