When the Going Gets Tough – Harrow gets Going!

Closing a school means different things to different people. In the USA when they have snow days, everyone goes outside to play but they know they will have to make the days up at the end of the year. In the UK if a school is closed, it is that… closed.  In my experience, when we have had to send work home it was completed with massive bundles of worksheets, a couple of instructions and a “it would be nice if you did something,” message. Of course, as teachers, we knew that we would never see any of that photocopied paper again.

What has been incredible over the past few weeks is that we have gone from nothing to being a school which is providing a world class education online. Let’s think about that for a minute. 1800 students have transferred from being in classrooms to being in their houses, but the learning is continuing. 140 teachers have transferred from teaching 20+ students sat in front of them to delivering quality learning experiences on-line. Teacher training takes years, but we transitioned to something brand new in days. We must celebrate this.

Parents have adapted their houses and routines to accommodate learning. Students have adapted their considerable technology skills to access the learning needed and teachers have taught themselves how to be the best they can be. Our ICT department has worked to ensure all are connected, Admin have dealt with communication and our TA’s and Inclusion teachers have continued to support those in need throughout. Is this challenging – yes! Would I do this forever – NO! But am I astounded by what we have achieved so far and am I going to celebrate it with anyone who will listen – You bet I am.

I mis-spoke before, I was wrong,

When the Going Gets Tough – Everyone at Harrow get going! 

Mr G