Campus Facilities Upgrade

During the school summer break, we have invested in upgrading the air conditioning systems in both classrooms and offices throughout the infant building and the science building.  The model of air conditioning installed is market-leading, highly efficient and extremely quiet and this will enhance the teaching and learning experience for our students and teachers.

The school has also installed the latest technology to improve air quality within the Sports Hall, Gymnastics Hall and The Loft. The positive air pressure systems installed draws in outdoor air, remove the pollutants through HEPA filters, then pushes the clean, filtered air into the indoor spaces at a precisely adjusted rate. The purified air fills up the indoor space, much like filling up a balloon. The clean air constantly displaces the old air outwards, so that outdoor PM2.5 particles cannot leak inwards. The result is excellent indoor air, regardless of the outdoor pollution levels. Our testing and commissioning of the systems have shown the indoor air quality for PM2.5 particle to be close to zero.

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