Staying connected in Nursery

The well-being of the children is our utmost priority, therefore Nursery teachers have dedicated whole-class live Zoom sessions where we can come together in a fun and relaxed environment.

Each morning the children and teachers take part in these live sessions which offer all of us the opportunity to see one another and participate in activities together during the school’s COVID-19 closure. During these sessions, we have done a number of different activities ranging from songs and story times, to exercises and counting, to a show and share session! Recently, a couple of children challenged the group to do planks as we counted up to 10, while another child challenged the group to use an object around our house as weights as we lifted it and counted up to 20! Ultimately, these activities are meant to offer continuity of speaking and listening in English, while having fun with each other during these times of isolation.

Stayng connected with Zoom in Nursery with Ms Ut

We are going on our 3rd week of live Zooms now and to us in Nursery S, that means we have been fortunate to have 3 weeks of laughter, smiles, and a virtual social gathering each morning. One thing we all agree with is how much we miss school and each other! Thank you parents as always for your continued support.


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