Parent Workshops

As we find ourselves in these new circumstances, all Parent Workshops will now be online.

This week, we will be offering a choice of two Parent Workshops, and would love for you to join us if you can.

Key Information:

Date: Thursday 21st January
Time: 3pm


Aimed at Lower School Parents (Although all are welcome):

Workshop: Cyber Safety: Modern technology and how to keep your child safe online - A guide to make sure that your child is safe online at home.

You’ll be briefed on apps to keep an eye on, how to manage settings on devices and how we are here to help if any issue arises.

Led by: David McKillop and Emily Jones

Aimed at Upper School Parents (Although all are welcome):

Workshop: Supporting (High Performance) Learning at Home 

This workshop will focus on the importance of motivation and self-esteem in learning and how you can support your child during online learning.

Led by: Kathryn Gavin, Sarah Bannister, Karen Prout and Tyla Arabas

Thanks to all who joined us last week for our Parent Wellbeing session.  If you weren't able to make it, here are some top tips:

  1. Prioritise time for you to switch off and recharge. Happy distractions can do miracles for the mind, so why not pick up a magazine or have a relaxing soak in the bath? You'll feel energized to re-enter family life with a renewed sense of control.
  2. Stay connected with family and friends with a voice message, a video or an online quiz!
  3. Keep moving and pay attention to your physical health and body -  join an online yoga session or go for a walk.
  4. Accept it is OK not to feel OK! We all find it tricky sometimes and we are in this together.
  5. Watch the full workshop or browse through the presentation here for more useful tips.
  6. Please check your inbox or the parent portal for the workshop links. 

Don’t worry if you can’t join; we will record the sessions and share all tips with you all afterwards. 

If you have any questions about parent workshops please contact