Pastoral Care

The pastoral welfare of students is of paramount importance at Harrow Bangkok. Students who are safe, happy, healthy and cared for is what we always strive to achieve. We work closely with parents and carers to support every child at the school as they travel through the challenging journey from childhood to young adult.

In the Lower School, the mainstay of a child’s welfare is the class teacher who provides a safe and nurturing environment for all the children in the class. If there are more complex issues the class teacher may seek the guidance from the year team leader or a member of the senior management team.

As students enter the Upper School they move to a House based pastoral system where the form tutor becomes the first port of call. The form tutor registers the class each day and provides welfare guidance as well as academic monitoring. They also have a dedicated House period on Monday afternoon which is used to deliver the Personal Social and Health Education programme.  The form tutor is usually assisted by a co-tutor who is another member of staff that the students can turn to. In the Prep phase (years 6 – 8) larger issues are dealt with by the Prep House Leader and in the Senior School (years 9 – 13) this role is fulfilled by the Head of House, who has oversight of the whole House.

Caring teacher at Harrow Bangkok