Harrow International School Bangkok is committed to keeping children safe. We expect all Harrow Bangkok community members including staff and visitors to share this commitment.


The Safeguarding Policy sets out our commitment, explains the steps we take to keep our students safe and sets out what we do when there are concerns about a student’s safety or wellbeing. Our Safeguarding Policy is reviewed annually and can be accessed below:

Child Safeguarding Policy 

*child safeguarding policy (thai version)


All new staff members at our school are subject to rigorous recruitment and vetting procedures to ensure they are suitable to work with our students.


All Harrow Bangkok employees are required to follow our Safeguarding Code of Conduct for Staff.


All staff have regular and mandatory safeguarding training of varying complexity as guided by their level of safeguarding responsibility.


The school’s safeguarding arrangements will be regularly audited both internally and externally to ensure our policies and procedures are effective.


We have designated members of staff who are responsible for safeguarding:

  1. Upper School Designated Safeguarding Lead:
    Mr Jake Connor

  2. Lower School Designated Safeguarding Lead:
    Mr Matthew Parker

  3. Safeguarding Lead for Boarding
    Dr Michael Reddish

Upper School Safeguarding Leads


If you have any concerns about the safety or wellbeing of any student at Harrow Bangkok, please talk to one of the Safeguarding Officers in your child’s school section or email:

*This Thai translation was prepared with care to make it as reliable as possible, but only the original text in English has contractual and/or legal authority.