“The power of thought, the magic of the mind.” Lord Byron

Byron House is named after Lord Byron, an Old Harrovian, British poet and leading figure in the Romanticism movement. His spirit lives on in the passion and creativity that the students display in Byron House. What gives me most pride is the bond that exists between students in different year groups within Byron House. Our senior student leaders are positive role models who inspire the younger students. Many of our older students give up their free time to mentor and support others. They embody the very essence of leadership.

Our success in competitions is founded on these strong bonds within the House and I feel privileged to head what is a truly wonderful House.


Student comments

"Being a member of Byron House gives us a sense of belonging".

"Even though Byron House has gone through many uplifting victories and devastating defeats, one thing that has never fluctuated is the pride and selfless commitment students from this House have to offer".