A House with 17 nationalities and over 16 pairs of siblings: we are truly an international family!

House assemblies are a time for us to meet and reinforce the bonds between the different year groups. They are also a platform for originality and collaboration. Creativity, teamwork and community spirit run throughout all our endeavours. There has been an exponential increase in the numbers of students gaining House Colours and certificates for academic accomplishments including the Best in Thailand and we are constantly in awe of the resolve and dedication so many of our students show on a daily basis.

We also have our very own tree where our leavers place an item that acts as a symbol to their contribution.

We are a House to watch out for, never letting the competition ease. Refined, energetic, sagacious, persistent, tenacious, charismatic, trustworthy, determined. These are some of the words Churchill students and staff have used to describe our House. The word that we return to more than any other is respect; respect for individuality and respect for the collective.