Outstanding Music Performances

Outstanding Music Performances
Mike Godwin, Head of Pre Prep

It is so good to be Green!

At the beginning of October our school were inspected by Eco-Schools Thailand to see how eco-friendly and sustainable we are…. I am pleased to tell you that we passed the assessment with flying colours and will from now on be flying our Green Flag with pride at the entrance to our school!

The inspectors were impressed by our drive towards sustainability, our understanding of waste and the management of it and they were bowled over by the knowledge our students showed when presenting to them. We produce incredible young people here at Harrow Bangkok and the best of us was on show that day – from the presentation skills, incredible tour guides and simple role models which everyone should be proud of.

Our journey has been successful but now what is next… we are going to work our way to be a beacon school. This involves continuing to work on all that is good at Harrow Bangkok and ensuring that we are focusing and succeeding with all areas of eco – 10 of them in total. Our vision is to have our whole community focused on making purposeful choices that are going to impact on our whole planet. As educators we owe it to this current generation of students that we give them the knowledge of what we can do to change the world and then give them the skills and opportunities to be able to do so.

Mike Godwin
Head of Pre Prep