The Top 3 Reasons to Attend an Open Day

The Top 3 Reasons to Attend an Open Day
Gayle van den Berg

There has been much cause for celebration in the first few weeks of term at Harrow International School Bangkok, with our best set of examined A-level results and 91% of our graduating class taking up places at their chosen university. 

However, the exceptional success of our students is not the only cause for celebration. At theAsianparent Awards, Harrow Bangkok was named the “Best Top International School” in Thailand.

theAsianparent is the largest content & community platform for parents in Southeast Asia, engaging over 35 million parents monthly across 12 countries with content, a social network to connect with fellow parents and experts, and tools to empower families on their parenting journey.

theAsianparent Awards recognise the best companies and products across the entire pregnancy and parenting industry in Asia. These editorial awards, some of which - including our category - decided entirely by public vote, are an excellent barometer of what is truly standing out and making a difference to parents and their children. 

While we pride ourselves on academic rigour and fostering intellectual curiosity, the strength of Harrow Bangkok is our understanding that success in life is not determined by grades alone. Personal skills, values and qualities ultimately determine whether academic potential translates into happy and purposeful lives. Our deep-rooted emphasis on holistic education is what sets Harrow Bangkok apart, and we are confident it is this focus on nurturing the individual that has led us to be named “Best Top International School”.

We are especially humbled that this is a ‘Parent’s Choice’ award, decided entirely by public vote. It is an honour to know that not only is the Harrow community of valued parents so trusting and supportive, but the majority of parents believe we are the best option for their children in all of Thailand.