Personal Information Collection Statement

  1. Personal data provided by you to Harrow International School Bangkok (the “School”) through the completion of your admission application and, if admitted, through the registration procedures and during studies at the School will be used for the School to perform its administrative, educational, academic and research functions, and for any other related purposes.
  2. Unless otherwise specified, the provision of personal data is voluntary. However, failure to provide the relevant personal data will render the School unable to perform the relevant functions, e.g. unable to consider your application or to provide relevant consultations.
  3. If you are a student, we strongly encourage you to consult your parent or guardian before providing your personal data or have your parent or guardian fill in this application form on your behalf.
  4. The information we collect is mainly as follows:
  • Personal details of pupils and students, and parents: name of child, date of birth, gender place of birth, private address, private telephone number, email address, parents name and contact details, date of birth, emergency contact, days of absence, bank account details of parents, recording of medical data and incidents, special educational needs records and dietary requirements;
  • Educational information; prep school and university attendance, tuition and extra-curricular accounts, attendance and non-attendance records, exam details and results, curricular activities; performance and educational needs reports, incident reports involving pupils or students;
  • The School's achievements; sports teams and positions of responsibility;
  • Membership of any clubs and societies within the School;
  • Event attendance and work experience placements
  1. The purposes and use of the personal data collected are elaborated as follows:
  • as a basis for selection for admission, award of entrance scholarships, and communication on admission-related matters;
  • as evidence for verification of your identity, qualifications and academic records in relevant schools in Thailand or other places, and other information provided in the application forms/ documents;
  • to identify possible multiple applications and records of previous and existing studies at the School and other schools (if applicable);
  • for all purposes relating to studies at, activities conducted by, and facilities, services and benefits provided by the School (in particular those governed by the relevant regulations, policies and procedures of the School). Personal data and photo images of students may also be used by the School for the production of membership cards and conduct of activities;
  • maintaining contact, updating the latest developments of the School, and provision of information; and
  • Subject to your consent, we, our affiliated schools and companies may use your personal data (including name, gender, telephone number, fax number, location, postal address, email address, month and year of birth, as well as the information relating to academic results) for education related marketing purposes. We may dispatch to you promotional information via direct marketing telephone calls, email, text, message, facsimile, direct mailings etc.
  1. Personal data will be kept confidential and handled by School staff members. Nonetheless, we may disclose and transfer (whether in Thailand or overseas) your personal data to the following parties to use, disclose, process or retain your personal data for the purposes mentioned above and/or to undertake some of its academic, research and administrative functions, and for other purposes as shall be agreed between you and us or required by law from time to time:
  • Our agents and contractors and service providers (e.g. processing of student visa, arrangement of activities such as exchanges, internships, placements and field trips, granting of scholarships and financial aids);
  • Our affiliated schools and companies;
  • Bank, financial institutions and credit providers;
  • Debt collection agencies, credit reference agencies and security agencies
  • Regulatory bodies, law enforcement agencies and courts; and
  • Our professional advisers.
  1. In case of application for admission to a programme jointly offered or collaborated by the School and its partner institution(s) or organisation(s), your personal data provided to the School may be transferred to the partner institution(s) or organisation(s) concerned for the purposes as stated in paragraph 6 above.
  2. Once admitted as a student of the School, your personal data provided during the application process will be transferred to the student record system of the School, together with personal data (including the photo image) provided during registration, to become part of your official student records.
  3. The School or its associated schools may from time to time include photographs or images of students in the School’s promotional material such as prospectus’s and the website. The School will not disclose the full name or home address of a students without the parent’s consent.
  4. Personal data of the students of the School (including study records) will be used by the School, during studies at and after leaving the School, for conducting statistical analysis, research, survey, review and audit.
  5. If at any time in the future you do not wish to receive marketing promotional information from us with respect to the School or our affiliated schools, or do not wish us to disclose, transfer or use your personal data for the aforesaid marketing purposes, please contact the School’s marketing department at (66) 2 503 7222 to update your instruction.
  6. You have the right to request the School to ascertain whether it hold your personal data, to be given a copy, and to apply for correction of the data, if deemed incorrect. Applications for access to and correction of personal data should be made by using a special request form and on payment of a fee. Request for correction of personal data should be made in writing with supporting documentation. Please address such applications and request to the School’s marketing department.